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Product Description

The award-winning Klipsch LightSpeaker combines efficient LED lighting and wireless sound into a single unit that installs like a light bulb. If you already own the startup LightSpeaker System and want to expand your setup into multiple rooms, you can purchase individual LightSpeakers.

Visit the LightSpeaker FAQs section here.

  • Designed for 5- and 6-inch recessed light fixtures
  • Enjoy ambient music in multiple rooms?wirelessly
  • Totally hidden space-saving sound solution
  • LED light bulb rated to last 15 years or more
  • Reduces daily lighting expenses by 80%
  • Installs in 10 simple steps or less
  • LightSpeaker wireless transmitter required for operation
  • Up to 8 LightSpeakers install in a single system

The LightSpeaker is truly for the do-it-yourself crowd. When you own several LightSpeakers you’ll discover you have the easiest—and most unique—distributed audio system on the market. The system eventually pays for itself and you can take it with you if you move.

Brilliant LED Light

The LightSpeaker’s fully dimmable LED bulb is rated for 40,000 hours of use, meaning it could last 15 years or more! It also reduces daily lighting expenses by 80%, using 10 watts to produce light that’s bright enough to replace up to a 65 watt bulb. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED light bulbs contain no mercury or halogen gases and produce almost no heat.

Full-Range Sound Performance

The full-range speaker uses a 20 watt high-performance, low-distortion digital amplifier to deliver energy efficient sound. Furthermore, the 2.5-inch wide dispersion driver uses digital signal processing to optimize high- and low-frequency output for a full spectrum of sound.

Multi-Room Music—Wirelessly

If you have a light fixture with an Edison socket, you can add brilliant light and ambient music to your kitchen, living room, master bath—even your garage—in mere minutes. It’s also a great hidden multi-room music solution for apartment dwellers and home renters who can’t retrofit or wire their living spaces. Best of all, the system easily uninstalls if you decide to move.

In order to deliver music wirelessly throughout your home, the LightSpeaker relies on a standalone transmitter. A music source, such as a laptop, iPod, TV or home stereo system, connects to the transmitter and it wirelessly sends the sound to the LightSpeaker. Up to 8 LightSpeakers work in a single system, providing stereo sound in multiple rooms.

  • Transmitter wirelessly streams audio up to 50 feet in any direction
  • Utilizes proprietary 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Transmitter accepts two different music sources
  • Establish two separate listening zones in your home

Installs in 10 Steps or Less

The LightSpeaker is truly a do-it-yourself product. It installs like a light bulb and fits perfectly in 5- and 6-inch recessed can lighting fixtures with a standard Edison socket. There’s no wiring, no retrofitting, no software—it’s so easy anyone can do it. Once installed, the LightSpeaker looks like any other recessed light bulb, so no one will ever see the speaker and be able to tell where the music is coming from.

Product Specifications

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